AIM – accomplish introvert’s mission

26 08 2008

I just tried to define it something differently, spare me for any controversies :) . But I would like to see others definitions too. Coming to the topic most of us have at least one , the so called “AIM” !!. Some people have their aims being smitten by the society and others out of their own interest. Well I’m the one who does not have any aim, may be I should say that my aim was broken. I did not ever dream that it would happen (After all, “hope” is my aim now, believing myself having faith in fate :) !!) , right now I don’t know what I’m doing and what am I doing for. I’m just going with time. Any ways the most common things that people have in mind in their engineering life is to go for MBA/MS/JOB. Well it all depends on whether one would like to have an austere life or not. People do talk in terms of money they fetch looking forward for a luxurious life. Ultimately it’s useless to have it in excess.

There are people who strive for success (we come across those personalities once in a while in news papers which says that a boy/girl out of his/her own hard work has gone this far to a prestigious position without any support and blah , blah , blah …). All this thing is to make a point that the moment our parents go through such astonishing profiles our day starts as follows.

On one fine day , early in the morning (news paper reaches our home by 6,6:30 AM).

Dad: Heyy idiot wake up.
Child : God damn !! what so special about waking me up early in the morning.
Dad : C’mon read about this article.
Child : Inner voice says “There should be something which shouldn’t happen”.

while reading itself, we anticipate the next scenario.

Child: We don’t say anything apart from keeping the paper aside indicating that we finished reading it.
Dad : Have you gone through it ??.
Child : Yes dad (in a low voice !!).
Dad : Did you ever at least study for your exams with dedication and look at this fellow how determined he/she is !!.
Child : Inner voice says “Ohh god , why all these people study like hell and get onto papers for publicity and all”.
Dad : What are you peering at with a dumb face ??.
Child : I’m just visualizing the moment when your father , reading such articles , asks you the same (laughing !!).
Dad : You can’t do anything except that , Stupid, Idiot …

Suddenly mom enters into the scenario saying “Ohh, stop it. Go and get ready , if not , you are going to miss your bus for the school”.

Child : Walking away as soon as he/she hears mom saying it and in inner voice , “Ahh, mom you saved me from all this. So nice of you !!”.
Dad : (to mom) You come amidst whenever I have a talk with him/her regarding this (child hears this from the bathroom !! and again laughs !!).

Thus, the hot atmosphere ends.

Most of us think of turning out into an IAS/IPS officer in our child hood. So I would like to know if anyone among us is after it right now (I’m not).

PS : I’m vexed , couldn’t find a way to get out of it !!.

I Love you Dad !!!!

27 06 2007

$$$ … I confess he is my greatest friend in the cue. I and my dad have the greatest time pass by teasing each other :) . One day (early in the morning :( !!!! )he woke me up saying that there is something written about you in the paper , I was so excited about that … (about me wowwww ) and finally what he showed me is an article written in Hindu paper about insomnias , nocturnals ( I think you can understand why he showed me that :) as an IIITian ). I had a word to word with my dad on that time and I was so frustrated that he woke me up in the early morning (bcozz its the time i went to bed) .

He knows me inside out … let it be in studies or whatever, theres something that i should tell you frankly … I hate my bro Surya coming to studies (he studies a lot … keeps on working on books huuuuuu how great to be so) because I hardly open my books (my books seems to be untouched even after the year of the academics). The routine dialogue from my parents “your brother is just one year elder than you … how come that he studies and you not .. learn from him idiot ( ee bobby gadi routine kadha … bobby is my pet name :D)”.

An awesome cook !!!! :P On a fine day (my mom was not at home) we got an idea of cooking ourselves and become the great !!!!!! (again dad was cooking and me making fun of him :D).The way he was cooking seemed to be so confused and so had a lot of questions in my mind before going for it. But I swear his cook was awesome (in a +ve way).He is an impeccable banker and doesn’t care for no one in his duty (for which i was afraid of :(  ), he is my best advisor and encourages positive thinking. He is one among that i wish to talk all the day.

Now that this post seems to be endless as I keep on writing on him …..  dad you are my greatest gift in the world.


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